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The world has many wrongs, and many wars, but there's only one wrong Iraq war.

"A wrong war like during the Iraq war was cannot just be sitted idly by by." --The Proprietor

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Wrong and Linsay

The IRaq War was wrong still wrong though. Jeb Bush your a dumby

In other new's Lindsay Lohan get into Mislamism I thINK THAT"S COULD BE JSUT WHAT SHE NEED'S!! You see haters I always stood by her through think and thin WISH YOU COULD SAY THE SAME

p.s. The Iraq War(2003 was wrong.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Guess what folk's. It was 10 years ago today, on this faintful day, that I decided to start blogging about how The Iraq War was wrong for reals. Well long story short that's was this blog right here.

OVer the intervening time much has happen. We got heathcare. Lindsay Lohan career up's and down's ect. (Some other stuffs probably). But as predicted this blog just keeps going on and on.

And why would'nt it? The Iraq War can't get not was wrong. It's was wrong and that's a thing that it was and that's a thing it will always be was. Was wrong. As I stated many times, since it was ultra improtant to say this over and over again in 2005 and 2006 and 2007 (and 2008 and 2009 and so froth) there's no logical reason why one wouldn't just keep on saying this in 2013 or 2014 and than the other years going beyond that (like later). I've been VERY consistent on that subject and now low and behold here we are(2014), proving my point.

Ten years. That's a long time. But its a short time in the grand scheme of saying The Iraq War was wrong. Which we will. Forever. (With a blog).

Monday, May 05, 2014

Me Twitter now to

Ok if your Twitter I'm on there follow @iraqwarwrong to send me a tweet about how THe Iraq war was wrong ect

Monday, March 10, 2014

Iraq War update

I checked but there wasnt' much IRaq War news out today. It was still wrong but, in pure news terms, it stayed the same.

Will check back news tomorrow and, keep you posted if there's more about The Iraq War. It cna't change that The Iraq War was wrong but its good to keep on up the news if theres some. That's one of the services provided by this blog after all and, that's why you read me.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Putting the rumors to bed (Bitcoin)

If your thinking I"m the Bitcoin well shows how you know. Just saying, sometimes now everytody is a person you thoughted it was.

There's a sayign in Swahili or Apaache(I forget) where how, If you walk in shoe's then you can know. Remeber that. BItcoin is a awsome invention (do'nt get me wrong) its just that come on people. Think.

Wehn did I ever say I made the Bitcoin. Never that's where. You guy's. Where do you come up wtih this stuffs my goodness

ALL I ever said was that The Iraq War was wrong. Bottom line. That's what it was period. Wrong. It was a Iraq War and it was wrong. THATS DOESNT MAKE ME BITCION

I don't have a finacial interest in saying this. Current $BTC holdings 0. Full disclosure.

This is jsut a clarifying.  I felt the need to air the clear here. Because, all this sound and furrier is destracting from the real issue at hand. Which is The IRaq War.

For younger reader'ship: The Iraq War was a war did by the U.S. (United state's) on Iraq in 2003 nad thereabouts. Almsot 10 years ago I set about the Herculean task to say that it's was (the war was) wrong by blogging. I succeeded and now everone knows it's was wrong from because of my blogging. So we've come a long way but not by a long shot. The quest continue's. Some day maybe future peoples can stop saying The Iraq War aws wrong but that's not this day. No sir. Not me. Not this day. The Iraq war was wrong. I'm not bitcoin

Thursday, January 30, 2014

My role in this whole thing(wrong)

There should probably be a thing on CNn or Wikipedia or the Libary of Congress somewhere (museum?) saying how I helped make The Iraq War was wrong. Not that Just saying. HOw is everone BWT because its been a while. Me thing's more or less same (Cyrus ect)

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

10th year of wrong

As we I enter our 10th year of blogging about how The Iraq War was wrong. Take a pause moment to reflect. On how, The Iraq War was wrong. UPDATE: Ok calindar year. Gees. UPDATE II: Or maybe 11'th if you count from 0 wahtEVER that's is so not the point here

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We should totallaly bomb Siyria

I'm am just SICK AND tire of there nonsense Aren't you? Do it Obamam dont listen to those dhinger.s

Monday, July 22, 2013

A thing it(The IRaq War) didn't make us

You don't hear alot of people talk about how The Iraq War didn't make us safer nowadays. But it's totallaly true so don't forget that: The Iraq War didn't make us safer. I probably already wroten that but always worth a reminder. You may of forgotten all about this in fact and was walking around thinking you were made safer. Bzzt. You weren't. You weren't made safer at all. By The Iraq War. How much you ask well. It varies from person to person obviously but on average you guy's reading this are probably about 10% unsafer in fact. On account of The Iraq War. That's a significant drop from how safer you were before The Iraq War started (in 2003) so that's a blight on Bush record. For doing The Iraq War. Questions in comment's.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Did the get a second resolution

I cant remember. Because but if not, you can be sure The Iraq War was wrong. It totally needs a second resolution and they did'nt get one yet(pretty sure)

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

THe Antiquities

Someone reminded me of the Antiquities. HOw there was antiquities but then the The Iraq War. Made them all mess up or whatever. (Because of the I probably already metnioend that before as a reason The Iraq War was wrong but just in case I hadn't, I did'nt want there not to be a blog post were I'm talking about Antiquities. Because serously folk's. That's just not right. YOu know what I'm saying. How is everthing else going BWT. Let know in comment's

Monday, December 03, 2012


Also you could talk about Fallujah BWT. To show how it was wrong(The IRaq War). Because of something about Fallujah. Ca'nt remember exactly what it was but there was totally something re: Fallujah. You could check on a web search for example try "+fallujah iraq war wrong" The other one (HT to someone in comnents forget who) is Betrayus. That's was a General who Betrayed us. I froget how/why he betrayed us but, it was something like, instead ofsaying there should be 200000 Troop's in Iraq he said there should be 250000 Troop's in Iraq so he Betrayus us'ed. (Something like that). And now he's got in a Sex scandal(same guy I think) so you could use that. It's would be Topical. Three's lots of ways. To show The IRaq War was wrong. I"m am gonna use these as Discussion aides in my classroom(I'm a Teacher now for eliminatery school It's AWSOME there is nothing like shaping some Kid's. Minds

Friday, October 12, 2012

Oh Linsay No

Wehn you wake up to see a This story Lindsay Lohan endorses Mitt Romneysorry but WAHT I SGOING ON!!! in the world. It make's you think. Is this can be for real because I'm guess not. LINSAY!! Teh world needs you to clarefy NOW. This is not a game this is RELL LIFE. I bet could she get her publicast to doa Correction. Probaly the NYPost (dhinger's) miss quoted. I do'nt want ot have to get the Lohanim involved BUT I WILL

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Second Resolution

I still think they need a second Resoluntion. Did the get one NO that's what. Do you hear me dhinger's.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

If you don't think the The IRaq War was wrong? Answer comment's. Because no offense but, what is wrong with you?

It's 2012.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Also don't forget Ward Chuchill. (Chickens born to roost ect). It seem's like Or maybe did the succed to squish his dissent. Because you don't hear alot about WArd Churchill anymore.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Back To Basics (Wrong)

Can we like start over here? Because I'm was just perusing a couple of old post's. And I'm not sure that it does'nt seem like some of you (the readership's) aren't getting the right point on how, The Iraq War wasn't right (i.e. wrong).

So lets go back. Background. In 2003 the U.S. did a Iraq War. It was done on a country call Iraq. Thats who we did the war on (FYI). So that's hte context here.

Now. When you do a war on someone it can be Right or Wrong. Thats how wars work. Spanish Civil War: Right. Vietnam War: Wrong. En cetera.

The next observation is that when you did a war. You have to spend the next period of time (years or whatever) talking about whether it was Right or Wrong. You can't just not do that can you. Absurd. If it was Wrong you have to keep talking about it (later). Until everone also says it was Wrong. There can't be a person

So what I did here is to create a blog space where, we I could blog about that for The Iraq War (2003/Iraq). Until you all say it was wrong. For awhile I thought I was done. But I look back now and, waht a dalusion. Because The Iraq War still happened (in 2003). And yet I'm not sure you all say it was Wrong? (Answer in comment's)

That's the deal ok. So, sorry for confusion on this. But maybe my fault. So lets take a step back and go slower/more carefullly:

The Iraq War was wrong. I really really think it was wrong. What about you?

Monday, November 21, 2011


Remember, Iraq is on the Brink of a civil war.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Qadday's Death

The main thing Qaddafy's death drives home. Is that The Iraq War was wrong. It really makes you sit back and think, about how wrong The Iraq War was.

In other news, now that Obama has announce that there's going to be no more troop's in Iraq. (In the future). I think that's will be a perfect opportunity to start to roll up are sleeves and, talk FOR REAL about how The Iraq War was wrong. (A nationaled conversation) We haven't really been able to get into it (DIG DEEP) on account of being destracted by there being troop's in Iraq. When there's not. That's when the debate starts for real. I'm assembling some notes on it already for when that time comes.

Also when are we going to sign The Kyoto Protocol. Did we do it and I missed it or. Howcome noone's focus on the Kyoto Protocol (it is a very important thing to my life). Just wondering thx.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Saddam Was Secular

And that's a enough of a reason right there. For The Iraq War to be was wrong. Taht Saddam was secular (not religious). I mean he was hell of secular where do you even get off saying he wasn't. So then (connect the dots) The Iraq War was wrong. I mean do I have to lay it out for you.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Rememeberance

9/11 was a day that made there be a Iraq War (later). Therefore, I conclude that it was wrong. There shouldn't of been a The Iraq War (is the main thing).

The Iraq War was wrong.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

General Petraeus Why?

Or as I, like to call him General BETRAY-Us.

I'm don't rememeber why at the moment but I was RELLY cheesed at him. It had to do with how The Iraq War was wrong (that was part of it).

The real question I want to know is, WHY did he betray us? What a jerk.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Humble Note About How, The Iraq War Was Wrong

You know why I was crying all most of lasted night. Because of the museum. Howcomes noone rememeber's about the museum? So many thing's in there I bet. King Tut. Other mummie's. Rosetta Stones. THe Ark. The Mona Lisa. Jackson Pollack's. All these things and more, I could imagine was in the Bagdad Museum. (*Not sure exact contents)

All gone now. Gone, with the wind. Like tears, in rain. Lotted becuase of BUSH. And did we he they even do anything about it NO.

Listen. This is the cost of The Iraq War. It is something we still have to live with in are, everyday walk-in/walk-about lifes. I'm not sure how but we have, to. But we wouldn't of have to if was just didn't of done The Iraq War. This is what I'm am saying. (<--The Iraq War was wrong.

Tell it at the streets. Scream it from the stovetops. Shout it out round. The Iraq War was wrong.

Folk's, it is August of 2011 as I write this. Here is a blogpost from May 2004 which I'm saying the, exact same thing. So I've have been VERY consitent on this. Have I ever wavered no. That's how you can know. The point I am making. THis isn't a flash in a pan here. This is a blog about how The Iraq War was wrong.

Together, we are going to make it wrong (with blogging). The Iraq War that we did in 2003. There is NOTHING more improtant to are future, our future's children's, or our future's futures chidlrens to, keep on saying that The Iraq War was wrong and not stop saying it until it IS was.

We felted VERY strongly about this back in circa 2003 and 2004. And, we still fell the EXACT same strongly right now, today, here in now time (2012 approximatley) with under President Obama. Which is why we don't stop saying it just as often as we were back in teh day. Saying what? The Iraq War was wrong silly.

So let's keep. Thank's for your, time.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

I'm Am Not Witheld

Ok fine thank's to Ace site for the link. But, a one thing I'm want to remind you of (commentrers)? Is that I not Witheld and was NEVER was Witheld. Witheld could totallaly back me up on this.

Dhingers. What can you do.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lohanim Meeting Tonite 9:30pm

Usual place. Twitter me if you can't make it so I know you won't be coming thank's.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Kick Libya's Ass!

That's all I got to say.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sometime's, Make No Sense

I was reading in a the Weekly in the coffee shop (the one that is free - it's weekly well actually daily) how the dhingers won a the midterms. Um people. Hello?

I'm can't believe having to explain thIS AGAIN:


Did everone just forget The Iraq War was wrong. Or. Did everone just say to themselfs even though The Iraq War was wrong I'm am going to go and vote for this dhinger anyway (even though The Iraq War was wrong). Of 2003

To not to belabor the point - if the The Iraq War was wrong. But than you go and vote for a the dhinger? Um lol do I really have to explain the hole in that. It's almost funny it's so sad.

The only saving grace is how we FINALLY got heathcare. I have complained to my doctor SO MANY TIME'S over the years (both on scheduled visits and just times when I felt some twinge and decided to just do a drop in) about how there's no heathcare in this country well WE FINALLALY DID IT PEOPLE. So that's a thing of which, we can all (as progressives). Something we could of never hoped for when we were doing The Iraq War (and still hadn't made proved it was wrong)

If I was teaching Social Studies (if I was a teacher- which I could of been (long story) I would finish with a unit on Heathcare. I bet its is going to be in next years's addition actually that would be a site to behold. You could frame/brownze it next to the newspaper you kepts from the day after when a the Barack Obama was elected the first President. (A black man).

So how's everthing else going though you guys. What's up with you. Me, same old. You know how it is. New Harry Potter am I going to be first in line YOU BET YOU I AM. Expellanius! (Heh don't be scare thats just my favorite spell) I'm just playin with you. Ok well I'm out but that's was a good one I think. Not the best but right up there (I'm still got it).

Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Main Reasons

Let's for those newcomers to this my our blog let's here's a quick refresher on some of the main reasons why The Iraq War Was Wrong. (Sorry this will be repetive for regular readership's)

Not meant to be a complete list (I'm sure I'm leaving out a few dozens). In no particular order:

  • Joe Wilson checked it out, and the names were wrong and the dates were wrong.
  • France didn't want it to occur.
  • France, which is our ally, didn't ally with us in doing it. (Which, how is that even is possible.)
  • The Baghdad museum was looted after it happened.
  • Bush "cut and run". (Remember?) Which is bad.
  • Because there was a Surge (i.e. the number of troops stationed there went from something like 120k to something like 140k). Which is bad.
  • There wasn't a second UN resolution after the first one (just the first one). Needed two.
  • "Shock and awe" is a horrible term and an evil approach to doing things. (Also, Iraqis weren't actually shocked or awed, which is bad.)
  • Hussein was a Sunni and everyone knows Sunnis can't physically cooperate/do anything with Shiites.
  • The Neocons wanted it to occur before it happened (PNAC had that website).
  • CIA agents were nearby when the statue came down.
  • There was a British journalist (forget his name) who killed himself.
  • They shot at journalists in a hotel.
  • Because of Manicheanism.
  • Deep-cover agent Valerie Plame's cover was exposed, which hurts us all (but also her).
  • There was a Rush To War.
  • The US was just going to plant WMDs anyway.
  • Bush only did it to please his father.
  • Tony Blair was Bush's poodle/lapdog.
  • It made The World hate us (i.e. France, Germany, Belgium).
  • Murtha was known as quote "a hawk" and he was not in favor of it (later).
  • On account of the blood and treasure (esp. the treasure).
  • It distracted us from fighting the real war on terror, which by statute is located in Afghanistan.
  • It played right into Osama's hands (exactly what he wanted).
  • It played right into Iran's hands (exactly what they wanted).
  • We didn't have a full, complete, foolproof plan for reconstructing the country into a social-democratic constitutional republic.
  • The purple fingers are such a joke and the election was not legitimate.
  • There was violence in Iraq after it happened (i.e. it didn't make there be no violence in Iraq).
  • Because Iraq had no WMDs (how can you attack a country that has no WMDs).
  • Because if we invaded there was a danger Iraq would use WMDs on our troops.
  • Because of the plastic turkey.
  • It just created more terrorists (just look at all the terrorists that have been created).
  • It didn't make us safer. We are totally less safe now (just look at how unsafe we now are).
  • It was a war Of Choice.
  • We only did it for Israel, at Israel's beckoning. To make Israel safe (just look at how safe Israel now is, they are sitting pretty).
  • Bush told reporters to "now watch this drive".
  • Bush rushed the vote for the war powers resolution.
  • Because of Catholic "Just War" Theory. It totally went against Catholic "Just War" Theory.
  • Because it's bad to be theocratic.
  • We only did it to steal their oil (just look at all the oil we now got from them for free).
  • We only did it to gain a foothold from which to attack Iran (just look at how much we've totally attacked Iran from it).
  • Bush only did it because he's a Bible-thumper and wanted to bring about Armageddon.
  • A former CIA director admitted Iraq war was "wrong".
  • They totally cherry-picked.
  • Iraq's government can't be legitimate without Sunnis.
  • It's bad that Ba'athists haven't been purged from Iraq's government.
  • On account of how Bush is mendacious.
  • Everyone knows Iraq should be split into three.
  • Iraq is on the Brink of a civil war.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Six Years Is A Long Time To Be Wrong

As many of you know, it was six years ago today tomorrow it was taht I first posted my first hestoric blog post stating forcefully that The Iraq War Was Wrong. History will record that day as the one when (after some prior false starts) I first began to FIGHT BACK in blog form against not saying The Iraq War Was wrong. And to this day, I still maintain that that blog post was among some of the very greatest blog posts I every posted.

Well that was 2004 so many things was different then. I'm trying to think of some I'm sure there was alot. Like there was no Iphones (for starters). And in that time, ALOT of stuffs has happen. People went into high school and then came back out. Some people probaly started and finished there Master's or even PHD's programs while during I've been blogging this blog. But one thing is not different (in 2010 which is now): that The Iraq War Was Wrong.

That's why there's this blog and there's will alway's be this blog. Because The Iraq War Was Wrong. It will never not be was. That's the tragedy of it most of all.


Saturday, April 03, 2010

Howcome Were Not Having A National Conservation About How The Iraq War Was Wrong (Anymore)

Is it not was wrong anymore? B/c I totally still think it was wrong. Surely it didn't become NOT was wrong somehow.

We need to talk about this like ALOT more than we actually are. If your not talking about it, like right now (at LEAST 3-6x per day), whats wrong with you? You suck thats what. Serously. You. Suck.

Sorry guy's just alittle emotional for me. The Iraq War - was a war that we did in 2003. And yet its only 2010 and were' not national conversationing about it even like 30% as much as we use to. You could probably turn on 20/20 or Dateline or 60 Minutes and (occasionally) see at least 2-3 WHOLE WEEKS of show's that go by without a SINGLE story on how The Iraq War was wrong. Movies about how The Iraq War was wrong? Don't even get me strated, there use to be like 10+ per year released that were explicitly about Iraq, and 40-90 more that were only about Iraq metaphorically. Now there's a virtual dearth. Ok sure there is Avatar but after that?

And where are our rock bands, the last bastions of turth to power, on this nowadays? AOL.

Personally I wonder if the Corporations have been squishing the conversation about The Iraq War. (Because they totally support rapping that country of its national resources for the "so" called "bottom line" probaly). Does Congress need to get involve? Because I donnow what else to do. It's exasperating me.

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